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Uratex Foam Classic 3.5″x30″x75″ (semi-single)

2,200.00 1,900.00

Get an affordable mattress without comprising quality. The Uratex Thin Cotton Mattress provides basic support using high-quality foam with a medium firm feel, ensuring you of a good night’s sleep.

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Uratex Foam 3.5″x30″x75″ Price: P1,900
Uratex Foam 3.5″x36″x75″ Price: P2,300
Uratex Foam 3.5″x39″x75″ Price: P2,500
Uratex Foam 3.5″x42″x75″ Price: P2,700
Uratex Foam 3.5″x48″x75″ Price: P3,000
Uratex Foam 3.5″x54″x75″ Price: P3,400
Uratex Foam 3.5″x60″x75″ Price: P3,800
Uratex Foam 3.5″x72″x75″ Price: P4,700
Uratex Foam 3.5″x72″x78″ Price: P5,000

Uratex Foam 5.5″x30″x75″ Price: P2,900
Uratex Foam 5.5″x36″x75″ Price: P3,400
Uratex Foam 5.5″x39″x75″ Price: P3,700
Uratex Foam 5.5″x42″x75″ Price: P4,000
Uratex Foam 5.5″x48″x75″ Price: P4,600
Uratex Foam 5.5″x54″x75″ Price: P5,100
Uratex Foam 5.5″x60″x75″ Price: P5,700
Uratex Foam 5.5″x72″x75″ Price: P7,000
Uratex Foam 5.5″x72″x78″ Price: P7,500


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